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Thirty years ago, a revolution was born. It started quietly, just a small spark fuelling what was to become a trend that took off like wildfire. And then it spread, incinerating any trace of old world gym gear from the industry. Out of the ashes rose a new way of life: athleisure.

There was no looking back. Once fitness-goers felt the freedom of oppressing activewear, they refused to be held back inside the gym’s doors. Suddenly, they craved workout gear that let their beauty and bodies breathe and perform better and harder. They wanted the proof of their blood, sweat, and tears to be in their cut, not their clothing. They wanted to roam with careless confidence, no matter whether they took the main roads or the unbeaten track. They wanted comfort whenever and wherever they worked or wandered. And athleisure gave it to them.

The transformation

From big city gyms to small shops, athleisure is the new uniform of those looking to ramp things up in workouts, or even opt for a casual, on-trend street style.

These days, consumers know their time is precious. They don’t need to be held back by threads that don’t fit with the vision. The rat race is a tough game, and the fitness industry has always been hard to tap into, but athleisure earned its billion-dollar reward. And it’s not going anywhere.

This form of activewear has given the people power to move freely and rise from invisible to invincible. Designed to be comfortable apparel that offers suitability for both everyday wear and athletic activities, this field of gym gear is something outside the cookie-cutter. It’s different, and people respect that. They’ve come to appreciate it, opening the doors to the huge accomplishments Brick City Villin has seen so far.

But beyond everything, athleisure is not a trend. It’s a commitment to improved designs and functionality that the market has long been missing.

Our little origins

In our story, Vilin always wins. With a cult of our own, we came from nothing and built an empire. In the concrete jungle, our philosophy reigns. We follow no crowds, so our threads are designed to hold our badge and give you the license to run wild. Beyond that, they empower you with the spirit of improved performance and success – they let you be you, without the fear of being held back.

We believe pure athleisure – the type that lets you excel, not fall flat. We walk our own path, mostly because nothing out there exists like us. The street is our home, and so is the gym, and no barrier separates the two.

Wear the Brick City Vilin badge and belong.

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