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Activewear is here to stay. Trends come and go – it’s the nature of fashion and innovation. Mostly, this field is a quest to find the best, allowing us to push our boundaries and perform better.

Beyond that, however, activewear is an invitation to experiment, with 2019 set to demonstrate plenty of creativity in the lineup of trends. So, let your self-expression carve its own path with these rising crowd-favourites...


You may be shaking your tailfeather at Zumba, but there are times when you want to cover up. Droptails do just that. Tops with tails, they’re cut longer at the back than at the front.

Droptails don’t discriminate on cut, either. They’re square, round, flowing front to back, making them perfect for the street or the gym.

High-waisted leggings

The ultimate female physique flatterer, leggings are versatile and stylish – especially when they’re high-waisted. The mark of fashion and femininity. High waisted leggings embrace curves and comfort.They’re also super ideal for all situations and style combinations, getting you into the chic clique with ease.

Wear with a sports bra or cropped top for balance. Not your vibe? It’s yours to work – anything goes.

Pro tip: Look out for contour lines and shading for an accentuated hourglass look.

Raw edges

Like the undone, reckless style? Raw edges are for you. Super urban, they’re grunge at it’s finest, weaving in an edgy, fashionable vibe.

The spirit of rebellion is in those unfinished edges. It’s a style that speaks for itself. Usually, it’s the kind of sense of style that says “I don’t care what others say.” It’s also a trend that, no matter what your mother says, is here to stay.

Black was never back. It’s always been here

Black activewear is a shadow for the silhouette. It gives shape and structure and is essentially a canvas waiting to be painted.

Trendy activewear pays homage to the basics for shaping. Black with contrasting geometric block shapes is the look of choice in 2019, with tastefully refined styles making it the top of the list. The trick here is to keep your gym kit minimalistic – just the right amount, and when in doubt, think monochrome.

Pale palettes

Ever dared to go nearly nude? Neutral colours are the closest you’ll get to that on the street. Where fashion reigns, all forms that follow bow down and activewear is no exception, so it goes without saying that neutrals are all the rage right now.

White pants will get you bonus ‘cool points’, no matter the temperature. Put a touch of the all-inclusive white light into earthy tones, and you’’ also achieve the rest of the palette easily. Think lots of beige, pale coral or tawny tones to give you that modern, careless chic look.

Whatever your vice, trends are your playground. We’re all multifaceted on the inside and activewear trends are the ultimate ground to experiment with our second skin. Remember, you do you and the crowds will follow.
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